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The mattress protector is made with 3 layered fabric. We should always keep our bed away from eatables, mainly drinks. So to protect the mattress from spilling any drinks, the mattress protector helps. It can be also used for babies who pee in the bed. It guarantees long life and water absorbent. If in need of specific sizes contact us through phone. Colour may vary due to photographic lightings. Made with fine-quality and heartful love. The maintenance of the mattress protector is simple and easy.

Care & Love
Don’t roll the mattress protector. The mattress protector does require mild washing. Either it can be washed through dipping a damp cloth in warm water and a mild soap mixture or make it soak in warm water for 20 minutes. And dry it in a room temperature away from light and heat. So soft fibre, so handle with care while washing.

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Product Details
Colour: Mercerize White
Cloth: 3 layered cloth (poly cotton on top, 180 GSM fibre at middle, non oven fabric at bottom)
Design: Small Onion
Type: Sleep

Size & Fit
Dimensions: 75″ x 36″, 75″ x 48″, 75″ x 60″, 75″ x 72″, 78″ x 36″, 78″ x 48″, 78″ x 60″, 78″ x 72″

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